Stairway Stretch Series

Here's a yummy standing stretch series for the holiday break at Effortless Movement. Use it to keep your hip flexors from becoming dried up rubber bands that pull at your low back. Super-helpful during the holiday season when you might be sitting more than usual. Long periods of Sitting = Tight Hip Flexors = Cranky Low Back The easiest place to do this series is in a stairway, but feel free to substitute and ottoman, a picnic table or a short dog.

Trixie’s Kick-Ass Rum Cake

Let me just lead with...this is not a "healthy dessert." In a former lifetime, I had an alter ego known as Trixie, who baked A LOT. She once made 30 of these at one time as Christmas presents for a team at a workplace that shall not be named. Everyone got drunk at work on these cakes and madness ensued. It was quite fun. I still enjoy a slice of this with coffee on a holiday and have talked about it so much at the studio that....there are demands for the recipe. It's easier than you'd think....