Fall Term 2018 Assessment Series

Each semester at Effortless Movement, we use a different series of mat exercises as an assessment. This pops up in Week 2, 6 and 10 of the term so that students can feel how their strength and mobility has changed. Here's the mat sequence for Fall Term 2018, in case you'd like to do it… Continue reading Fall Term 2018 Assessment Series

The 100

We've got several breaks coming up, so some notes for my ongoing students who are doing homework! Romana Kryzanowska said: do the 100 every day. If you're a procrastinator, do it before you get out of bed. Boom, DONE and DONE! The Basics: Assume the position. For newbies, the legs might be higher than mine.… Continue reading The 100

Build a Super Hero Suit with Criss Cross

I love exercises where you can tell right away that you’re doing your body good. Simple Criss-Cross is one of my favorites because it works your intercostals, the muscles in between each of your ribs. These muscles can: Draw your rib cage inward, giving you a “V” shape, like you’re wearing a Super Hero suit.… Continue reading Build a Super Hero Suit with Criss Cross