The 100


We’ve got several breaks coming up, so some notes for my ongoing students who are doing homework! Romana Kryzanowska said: do the 100 every day. If you’re a procrastinator, do it before you get out of bed. Boom, DONE and DONE!

The Basics:

  • Assume the position. For newbies, the legs might be higher than mine. Straight up toward the sky is ok! I’d rather see that than “tabletop legs,” but you do you.
  • Pump the arms as you take 5 small breaths in, then 5 small breaths out. Do 10 cycles equaling 100 beats. It’s like filling a gas-tank, and then emptying it. Synch up your pumps with your breath. Yes, really empty those lungs.
  • I teach a very zippy 100 — when done at the cadence we use at the studio, it should take you exactly 40 seconds.

Pilates Magic Happening here:

  • 2-way reach: I’m locking down the bottom tips of my shoulder blades by pretending that Lola is sitting on my front ribs. SCOOP! At the same time, I’m extending my legs away from my ribs. Same-same with my arms: the back of my armpits are pulling down toward the mat as my fingertips reach away.
  • Power Leg: I’m pressing my inner thighs together to create one powerful leg, instead of two floppy legs.
  • Heel Click: use your seat to manage your feet. Pressssss those heels together.

Things to watch for:

  • This is a Powerhouse exercise; your low back and neck should not be working. If you can feel them tensing, ADJUST your position.
  • Cranky Neck = put the head down on something. Use a squishy ball or a rolled up bath towel to prop the head and encourage your upper abs to stay engaged. This is much more difficult to do with your head flat on your mat, but if you need to lay flat for the sake of your neck comfort, do that.
  • Cranky Low Back = raise legs higher or table top them. Legs straight up in the air weigh less than low legs.

Time-sensitive announcements for November 2018:

In the studio – when they’re gone, they’re gone:

  • Sticky Be holiday socks $10/pair
  • Foot Domes $15/pair
  • Soft Rollers $30
  • Active Hydration Body Replenish $65/tub (ask me for a sample — it’s the best moisturizer EVER)

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