Effortless Skin

lashes ME
Me at 53, after using R+F

Goodness, goodness, whenever I think I’ve got my life nailed down, the universe sends me a zinger! Does that happen to you too?

At a certain point, it was my skin. One day, it just looked…..a bit wrinkly, a bit deflated.  A bit….old.  GAAAAAWD. And my NECK, don’t even get me started. When did that happen?!

Turns out, this happens to lots of us at varying points in life.



  • Having a baby can trigger acne
  • Moving to a new location can trigger rosacea
  • Some time in the sun can trigger dark spots
  • Hormone changes can trigger wrinkles
  • And the list goes on!

Fortunately, I made an online friend, Tania, a fashion blogger in her 50’s, who turned me on to Rodan + Fields skincare. She started using it to get a little upgrade in her daily fashion posts and she thought I might like it too.

I started out with Lash Boost.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I believed it would work. I mean, isn’t the length of your lashes a “you get what you get” thing? I figured: there’s a 60 day, empty bottle guarantee. So, if it doesn’t work by day 50, I’d return it.

Lol – by day 30, I could totally tell that my lashes were longer. By day 60, they seemed darker. By day 90, there were MORE of them. And this was all in that very first tube of Lash Boost. BTW, that one tube of Lash Boost lasted me 4.5 months.

Then I thought “hmmmmmm, I wonder if their other products work too?”  To be honest, although I liked the feel of some other skin products I’d tried, nothing had actually changed the way my skin looked

So, I decided to do the same thing — I’d give the REDEFINE Age Assault Kit 50 days to do its magic and then I could always return it. Well, hot damn. My forehead wrinkles faded away. Nothing had ever done that before! And, my students — who see me every day, in every kind of light, sweating — started asking me what I was doing differently.

When Tania asked me if I might want to offer Rodan + Fields products to my students, family and other other friends, I jumped at the idea. When you love the products the way I do, it’s not a big leap to sharing them with people you care about.

There have been surprises along the way. Who knew….

  • I’d make new friends in the R+F business? And that they’d encourage me and celebrate my successes with me!
  • I’d get so comfortable with my team that I’d roll out of bed to get on a video conference call with them? Bed head, no make-up, but yes a BIG coffee cup. You only do that with your friends.
  • I’d win prizes right away?! Yep, in my second month, I got a bonus and spent it on a wardrobe update at Woodburn Outlets. My new color this season: Vino. It goes really well with denim and I already had booties this color. Squeeeeee!
  • I’d create an new stream of income that just might fund some of my dreams? You know what? I’m dreaming BIGGER now.

I certainly didn’t know all of that would happen!

Thinking about it yourself? Give me a shout, I’m happy to talk about the products and the business.  Already friends with me on Facebook? Look for my posts tagged #girlceo