The Secret Sauce


Have you ever wondered why some people make a better pizza, look more put together or get different results from their exercise routine when it seems like you’re doing the same thing? They’re doing something different and they’ve figured out The Secret Sauce!

For me, when I found Classical Style Pilates, I knew I’d found the Secret Sauce for my fitness needs. My back pain evaporated. I felt taller, more supple and definitely stronger. The workouts were challenging, yet I didn’t feel beaten up. I felt like I could take on the world!

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In a nutshell, “Classical Style” Pilates delivers Joseph Pilates’ method of exercise as closely as possible to the way Joe himself taught it. Joe passed in 1967 after asking his longtime protegé, Romana Kryzanowska, to carry on his method. I studied and apprenticed with Romana for 3 years in the 1990s. The exercises and the system pass from Joe to Romana to me to you. Kinda cool, eh?

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With clarity and focus, I teach Joe’s System. It’s Old School Pilates and it works. Yep, there’s a system to learning the Pilates mat exercises, the tower exercises, the reformer exercises and more! The outcome is that the system improves the way you move in all aspects of your life. Your golf game is going to improve, your back pain is going to evaporate, you’ll find strength you didn’t think you had…and you might even get taller! It happens All. The. Time.

Over my 23 years of Classical teaching, I’ve distilled Joe’s Method down to core concepts that we work on in a systematic approach. For this reason, I ask my students to commit to a 10-week series, so that we can Work the System. You’re worth committing to consistency for yourself.

Although I can offer some flexibility on session days/times, I don’t own a drop-in studio. At Effortless Movement, it’s just one Master instructor: Christine Binnendyk. You won’t bounce from teacher to teacher with different perspectives and different teaching methodologies. You’ll get Consistency, Focus and Results.

The results of Working the System are dramatic. Here’s what my students say:

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