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Want to have fun while you build a better body? Classical Pilates in a small group setting may be just the ticket for you! Groups are limited to a maximum of 8 and everyone has a complete set of equipment for their use during class: Reformer, Tower, Leg Springs, Arm Springs, Spine Corrector, Jump Board, Magic Circle, Squishy ball and more.

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Step 1: Choose the Level that’s appropriate for you:

  1. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 1 
  2. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 2
  3. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 3

Step 2: Create a Portland Community College Account here

Step 3: Register at for classes using the “CRN” (aka: course registration number) below. Each 10-class series in Fall 2019 is $279.

Each 10-class series is sponsored by Portland Community College. Fall semester 2019 runs Sept 30 – December 13.  You’ll meet the same day & time each week with options for make-up classes if you’ve planned some summer travels. Each week of class builds on the last, so you learn systematically rather than getting stuck in a rut or jumping in over your head. We’ll have assessments from time to time to check in on your progress. All classes are limited to 8 participants; each student has their own set of equipment.


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Small Group Pilates Reformer + Tower Level 1 

Perfect for students new to Pilates. Build core and full-body strength while improving your flexibility using the Pilates Reformer and Tower machines. We’ll work on the basics and get back into fitness in this slower paced class.

Newbies begin with Level 1 starting with the vocabulary and concepts behind Classical Pilates. No worries, you’ll be moving from Day 1! Learning the “secret sauce” behind Pilates movements will give you results you can count on. You can take those concepts into other workouts and into the way you use your body in your daily life.

Level 1 Options in Fall Term 2019:

Day Time Level CRN
Monday 10:30am 1 44961
Wed 10:30am 1 44962
Thur 5:30pm 1 46065
Fri 11:30am 1 44963

Small Group Pilates Reformer + Tower Level 2 banner - level 3

Building on the concepts from Level 1, progress your Pilates exercises on the Reformer and Tower machines. You’ll have options for advancing your Pilates routine using the jump board, magic circle, squishy ball and more.

Choose this class if you would appreciate a class that focuses on core concepts rather than more advanced exercises. We’ll also limit the amount of time you spend with knees bent or weight-bearing on your hands.

Level 2 Options in Fall Term 2019:

Day Time Level CRN
Monday 11:30am 2 44965
Tue 9:15am 2 44967
Tue 4:30pm 2 44969
Wed 11:30am 2 44968
Thur 9:15am 2 45154
Thur 11:30am 2 44966
Fri 10:30am 2 46061

Small Group Pilates Reformer + Tower Level 3 

Choose this class if you have experience using the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac/Tower AND you would like to work on more advanced exercises. This class moves at a faster pace and involves more exercises that require weight-bearing on your hands/wrists.banner 4.jpg

Level 3 Options in Summer Term 2019:

Day Time Level CRN
Monday 9:15am 3 46064
Monday 4:30pm 3 44973
Monday 5:30pm 3 44974
Tue 10:30am 3 44971
Tue 5:30pm 3 44972
Wed 9:15am 3 46071
Wed 4:30pm 3 44970
Wed 5:30pm 3 44977
Thur 10:30am 3 44975
Fri 9:15am 3 44976