Pilates Training Goals

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People come to Pilates with all different kinds of things in mind.

  • Maybe you’re looking for a whole-body workout that’s more fun than a big-box gym.  That’s a great reason to take up Pilates. This workout requires focus and it’s fun. It’s also a great stress-reliever — it requires you to work on your breath and to forget about your previous day.

  • Maybe you’ve heard that super-models and super-athletes do Pilates and you’d like to be more like them. Wouldn’t we all! The models do Pilates because they can choose the body-type they’re building. The athletes do Pilates to injury-proof their bodies while creating the right balance of stretch & strength for their sport.
  • Maybe you’re not as flexible as you used to be, and it’s becoming a problem. Yes, Pilates can help. Note from Christine: I’m not naturally flexible, so I get it!
  • Maybe you’ve lost some muscle mass, and you’d like to get it back without bulking or lifting heavy weights. Let me introduce you to Pilates spring tension, your new best friend. It’s plenty of resistance and I’ll show you photos of Joe Pilates at 57, 65, 72 and into his 80’s…with plenty of muscle on him.
  • Maybe you’ve got nagging joints or a leg, foot or arm that just doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. Pilates can help you create a balance of musculature across your body parts. That’s the best way to nix pain patterns and injury-proof your body for daily life.

Although I love it when people come in with an open mind, it also makes sense to come in with some Specific Goals. Take a peek here for some ideas on what you might like to work on:



  • Build a body that functions better for my particular sport
  • Improve my walking/running gait
  • Improve my golf swing – distance and/or accuracy
  • Prevent shin splints
  • Prevent planter fasciitis
  • Prevent ankle sprains
  • Prevent runners knee
  • Prevent IT band issues
  • Pain free knees when walking up/down stairs
  • Avoid common injuries in my sport
  • Create faster legs & feet


  • Create stability for my hyper mobile joints. Hypermobility is when your elbows knees or other joints can “pop backward”
  • See some muscle on my arms, abs, legs
  • Tone and lean-down my legs
  • Tone and lean down my mid-section
  • Put some muscle on my body to help me increase my metabolism
  • Create a toned physique without muscle bulk
  • Build strength in my legs or hips


  • Be able to touch my toes
  • Re-gain full range of motion in my shoulders
  • Be able to turn to see my blind spot in my car
  • Be able to get out of a chair without my back hurting
  • Re-gain the ability to reach behind me


  • Improve my body mechanics during my day
  • Stand a half inch taller
  • Feel like my abs are holding my stomach in
  • Build bone density
  • Tone my pelvic floor
  • Improve my balance skills (stand on one leg, eyes open or closed)
  • Reduce my stress level

pain patterns


Is there an activity that you’ve given up because it caused pain? Let’s get you back in business!

  • Put an end to recurring low back issues
  • Put an end to recurring mid back issues
  • Put an end to recurring neck shoulder issues
  • Put an end to recurring ankle or foot issues
  • Prevent wear and tear on a cranky knee joint
  • Prevent wear and tear on a cranky shoulder joint
  • Prevent wear and tear on a cranky wrist or elbow
  • Relax my shoulders
  • Be able to pick up or carry my kids without hurting my back
  • Pain free knees when walking up/down stairs
  • Sleep without pain in back hips or knees
  • Get out of bed without pain in back hips or knees
  • Prevent/address carpal tunnel syndrome

posture faults


  • Correct my ‘forward head’ posture
  • Improve my hunched back
  • Correct my rounded shoulders
  • Gain the strength to sit and stand up tall & straight all day
  • Stand taller; it seems like I’ve shrunk
  • Fix my pronated feet
  • Correct my tilted pelvis (aka ‘forward hips’)
  • Create a powerful super-hero stance


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