Daily 5 Minutes of Pilates #3


Everybody needs a Daily 5-minute Pilates session! Yes, on top of coming to class!

Here’s what I’d love for you to work on this week:

  • Hinging forward at your hips while seated. See how I’m sitting on a box? That makes hinging forward waaaay easier. Please work on keeping your back straight while hinging. That’s kinda weird, but once your brain understands what’s happening, it feels really awesome. Psssst: we’re experiencing this using the Push-Through Bar in the studio. That’s even better because it has a spring on it.
  • Front Rowing 1 AKA: Hug a Tree (Tall position)
  • Front Rowing 2 AKA Shaving (Hinged position)
  • Front Rowing 3 AKA From the Chest (Tall position)
  • Front Rowing 4 AKA From the Hip (Tall to Round position)

If you’re also taking Zoom mat class, yup, we’re working on these exercises there too…because it’s all connected. If you practice these this week, Equipment class in week 4 will feel easier….

Click here for the Daily 5 minute video #3

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