Daily 5 Minutes of Pilates #4

headshot zyia

Everybody needs a Daily 5-minute Pilates session! Yes, on top of coming to class!

This week, we’re working on opening your low back so that it’s not restricting your ability to move. How often do adults rotate their spines? Hmmmmm, usually not a lot. Yup, that’s where we’re going this week! I used a posture brick to raise my hips — feel free to go higher by sitting on an ottoman or a desk chair without arms.

  • Seated Forward Fold assessment
  • Classic Seated Twist
  • Classic Saw
  • Diamond Twist
  • Re-assess your Seated Forward Fold

If you’re also taking Zoom mat class, yup, we’re working on these exercises there too…because it’s all connected. Yes, this sequence mimics what we did this week in the equipment classes using the Push-thru bar.

Click here for the Daily 5 minute video #4

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