Daily 5 Minutes of Pilates #2


Everybody needs a Daily 5-minute Pilates session! Yes, on top of coming to class! hehehe – today’s video is actually 10 minutes long. BUT once you get the 3 moves down, you CAN do them in 5 minutes.

Here’s what I’d love for you to work on this week:

  • The 100 — yes, again! Next week, we’ll change out the breathing exercise.
  • Toe Taps – we LOVE these, right? Well, we love em when the hips are raised, which is the only way that I recommend doing them. TT = this week’s hip flexor release. Remember that I said hip flexor releases are MAGIC. Please attempt to do them daily. Hip flexor release reset the Front Body at the Pelvis.
  • Shakey Legs – oh, these are also MAGIC. This quick series re-sets the muscles and connective tissue around and on your sacrum, so you’re resetting the Back Body at the Pelvis.

Click here for the Daily 5 minute video #2

toe taps

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