Streaming Online Classes FAQs


What Equipment will I need: Gather these things up for easy access. No worries, use what you have!

  • Mat or towel or carpeting. This is to pad your spine so that exercises don’t hurt.
  • Squishy ball or a towel rolled to about 9” ball. Don’t substitute anything super hard. We’ll use these under hips. You can also use as a prop under your head/neck.
  • Light hand weights 1, 2 or 3lbs. Substitute: water bottles, cans of soup. Also Ok to not use any added weight. Handy for adding resistance.
  • Yoga strap or theraband or clothing belt or long towel. Needs to be at least 5 ft. long. If you’re super tight in your legs/hips, longer is better.
  • A yoga block, ottoman that you can lay on or a chair

Do I need a special set up at home?

  • Use the best internet connection you can manage! Connecting direct to your ethernet cable is the very best. If you’re using wifi, be as close to the netowrk modem as possible.
  • TURN OFF other applications, pages, etc. They’re slowing down Zoom.
  • Make your PC, iPad or iPhone point toward your mat area from above. Don’t put it on the floor — that makes it harder for me to see your form.
  • Decide beforehand if you want be near a couch to be able to hook your feet for the rollup. NOT A MUST — you can use a strap for assistance!
  • Lighting Try to set yourself up with light on your face rather than behind you. If you have a window behind you, it will be hard for me (and us) to see you.
  • Video: Of course, if you do not want to be seen, you do not have to turn on your video camera. Just click the “button” that stops the video.
  • TV option: if you have Smart TV, you can get creative and cast what’s on your computer, tablet or phone to the TV. Google it!


  • How will I access the classes? Desktop Computer/Laptop users will simply click on a Zoom link that I’ll send you. This WON’T be in your registration confirmation email — look for an email with “Streaming Pilates” in the subject line. Phone/Tablet/MAC Users: please download the free ZOOM App. Use the Meeting ID that you’ll receive in your “Streaming Pilates” email.
  • When you get into the Meeting on Zoom, then move yourself/cursor around the screen and put on your video camera as well as your microphone. Usually microphones are already on. On some devices, Zoom will ask you how you want to start your audio. Any choice you make will work. On a computer, you’ll see that if you move your cursor at the bottom left of your zoom screen you can click on the start video and the microphone will already be on.
  • You’ll have a choice of views on your screen: Gallery View or Speaker View. On the computer it is on the upper right of your screen. On the phone or tablet, you’ll have different options based on which device you’re on. Choose the view that you’d like. When you get the recording, I will choose a view that will make it easier for you to see what you need.
  • Chat: If you have trouble while you are on Zoom and I can’t seem to hear you (likely because I’ve muted everyone. When there are a lot of people, it’s important to mute the group so there is not audio “feedback” that sounds awful.) Use the Chat tool to send me a message if you need something and I can’t hear you. You’ll see that you have the option to chat/send a message to everyone, just me or a specific participant.
  • Kicked Off: If your wifi of Zoom fails and you get kicked off…just go through the link or Meeting ID as you did before and come back on. No worries. If my wifi or Zoom fails…I will be freaking out and doing everything that I can to get back on. Please be patient and know that I am really upset that I got kicked off. It is rare that this happens on Zoom, but…
  • How to access the Recording: After the live-stream, the recording will take some time to process. Once Zoom processes it, I will send out an email with the link to the recording and all information pertinent to it.
  • What if I Miss classes? An online recording will be available for 1 week after each class.


****IPHONE *****


Run your finger over the screen to get the black bar at the bottom — MUTE is on the left. Click on PARTICIPANTS to change your view to see JUST THE SPEAKER or TILES WITH EVERYONE


On your iphone/ipad screen, drag your finger from top right toward bottom left to make this screen come up. Start with your fingertip all the way OFF the screen (who comes up with these commands?! I would NEVER guess this) This page will appear:


Click on the SCREEN MIRRORING icon

This screen will appear:


If you have a Smart TV that allows mirroring, you’ll see in the options. CLICK on the TV you’d like to use, and your iphone screen will now be visible on the TV,

>>>Prop the phone to video you, select the SPEAKER view and you’ll see me on the TV.

YES, this will work with an ipad as well!

**************************IPAD (prop it up)************************ 


Run your finger over the screen to get the black bar at the top — MUTE is on the left. Click on PARTICIPANTS to change your view to see JUST THE SPEAKER or TILES WITH EVERYONE. 

*****************LAPTOP VIEW*********************



Run the cursor over the screen to make the black bar appear at the bottom. Your MUTE button is on the left (keep that on unless you’re trying to talk to me)

The SPEAKER/GALLERY button is at the top right — use that to switch from seeing just me, or everybody.