Winter 2021 Barrels + Weights classes

This is the SECRET PAGE for the Winter 2021 Barrels + Weights students; please don’t share the page or the links with other people. I’ll update it each week, after class has occurred. You won’t have to search in your emails for links — they’ll all live here!

How to get to the Zoom class (same info for all classes for the entire semester!)

Week 3

We added the weighted pole to our rollbacks this week — sometimes, a little extra weight in the extended position feels lovely! Also added: extension of the spine in the rollback, so the hips came out of the notch. When did this again at the end of the workout, it felt extra yummo.

This week’s workout also featured Forward and Backward rowing on the barrel and Rocking Swan. 

Click Here for Week 3 Video

Week 2

Varying your position causes your body to fight gravity from different directions — that’s a good thing! You may find that surprising exercises are easier or more challenging on the Spine Corrector.

Semi-reclined position is a great example of this — we used a roller + squishy ball to support the head, then we tried lifting the head & top of the shoulder blade — big difference! Easier than lifting the blade when you’re reclined flat on your mat.

For my body, I noticed a differential between right & left sides when doing the side leg series — in this series, the Spine Corrector version is more challenging than side-lying on the mat.

Click Here for Week 2 Video

Week 1

This week was basic positions and movements. We also played around with different positions + how to shift to make the spine corrector best fit your body.

Click here for Week 1 Video

Joe chair
Joe invented LOTS of different pieces of exercise equipment. The Wunda chair is quite advanced, as it supplies zero support for your spine — the student must provide their own support via the powerhouse.
airplane board
Famous opera diva Roberta Peters using the Airplane Board. Can you see how her feet are NOT level? The board highlights this, so she can work on right/left symmetry.

joe camping

Joe, working with dancers who need excellent balance. They’re all using their SEAT! That piece of equipment is called a Pilates Headress!