Videos for Week 1 Winter 2022

I’ll be fine, but yeah…..I’m contagious right now.

So sorry to have to delay the official start of Winter Pilates! Despite our best efforts, Frank and I both came down with Covid 6 days ago. For us, it feels like a crummy cold and we’re both exhausted. My current plan is to start the Pilates semester a week late, on January 17th. I’ll get another covid test just prior to that to confirm that I’m no longer contagious.

Since you’re ready to get going, here are Week 1 videos to work on while I’m convalescing:

For students who are scheduled for In-studio classes:

  • You can ask me for refund for the Week 1 class
  • You can take a make-up class later in the semester
  • You can opt to delay starting in-studio classes by letting me know that you want to start the semester with Zoom mat classes with the option to switch back to in-studio in February or March