Autumn 2020 Put a Spring on It classes

Joe at his Beckette NY cabin, exercising outdoors

This is the SECRET PAGE for the Autumn 2020 Put a Spring on It students; please don’t share the page or the links with other people. I’ll update it each week, after class has occurred. You won’t have to search in your emails for links — they’ll all live here!

How to get to the Zoom class (same info for all classes for the entire semester!)

Fall Semester Details:

  • Fall 2020 Semester will be 100% Virtual
  • Live classes will run Sept 28 – Dec 11 (no classes Veterans Day 11/11. We also take the week of Thanksgiving off)
  • Recorded classes will post for the entire semester.

Week 4 Thur 10/22 Notes: different positions today! 

Rolldown Bar (hi connection)

  • Standing Step outs w/chest press
  • Seated Rolldowns w/chest pull
  • 1-arm rolldowns with crescent reach
  • Hinge back Biceps curls

Arm Springs (hi connection)

  • Split stance Low arm Circles (inchworm option)
  • Split stance Hug a Tree (inchworm option)
  • Split stance Shaving (inchworm option)
  • Parallel stance From the Chest
  • Parallel stance From the Hip

Supine Leg Springs 

  • Squishy Ball: V Frog
  • Squishy Ball: Parallel Frog
  • Squishy Ball: Parallel Circles
  • Long Scissors
  • Tiny Steps

Side Leg Spring

  • Stomping Ants (inchworm style)
  • Front Back
  • Ron De Jambe (Giant Leg circles)

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Week 3 Thur 10/15 Notes: lots of standing work today, plus we slooooowed things down to encourage more muscles to control your movement.

Reality check: when you feel like the return phase is becoming more challenging, that’s probably your last rep. Better to be precise than get sloppy for the sake of more reps. Notice where in your range of motion your body starts to shift position — that’s likely where you should stop the exercise. Might be different on one side than the other.

Exercises for this week:

Standing with both Arm Springs/handles connected at shoulder height:

  • Cat crunch palms DOWN – 2″ increments. OK to bend knees to free up your low back. >>Related to Rolldown in mat class.
  • Cat crunch palms IN – 2″ increments. OK to bend knees to free up your low back. >>Related to Rolldown in mat class.
  • Split Stance Low Rows
  • Split Stand Curls
  • Standing Rotations in 2″ increments (singe spring)

Supine Legs Springs

  • Single Leg Pulldowns 2″ increments
  • Bicycle
  • Frog with variations
  • Semi-circle Legs

Side Leg Springs

  • Stomp Ants 2″ increments SQZ SEAT to allow you to take hand off mat! (Parallel Neutral)
  • Elevator 2″ increments (careful on hi point – stay in control of torso) Tiny Turn Out.
  • Front/Back hip flexor release (Parallel Neutral)

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Week 2 Thur 10/8 Notes: we started with the Rolldown bar, then moved to Supine Leg springs, Kneeling Archer position, Side Leg Springs, and “Leg Springs High.” The surprise move: working in slow-motion for one of our side leg exercises helped to elongate the legs! This trick is also great for increasing circulation in your seat…..which increases ROM in your hip joint.

Exercises for this week:

Rolldown bar:

  • Rolldown 2 arms
  • Flat back hinge + Biceps curls 
  • Flat back hinge + Rowing 
  • Tall Rowing
  • Tall Biceps Curls

Supine Leg Springs:

  • V Frog
  • Parallel Frog in Slow Motion
  • Parallel Circles
  • Parallel Tiny Steps

Kneeling Archer Position:

  • Twists
  • Curls
  • Straight Arm Pulls

Side Leg Springs

  • Stomping Ants
  • Parallel Circles
  • Turn Out leg lift/lower in Slow Motion

Leg Springs High

  • Double Hammie curls
  • Single Hammie curls
  • Legs up ending

Class 2 Link Speaker view

Week 1 Thur 10/1 Notes: we added a new focus: the anatomical neutral position for feet + legs.

Why? The alignment of your feet + legs dramatically affects the torque experienced in your low back (lumbar curve) and sacrum. Working in neutral helps reduce the torque, keeping your low-back happy. Also, working in “anatomical neutral” helps balance out the musculature of your inner + outer thighs. More strength, nice shape!

We also spent some time playing with adjusting positions to get things just right for your body.

Exercises for this week:

  • Rolldown 2 arms
  • Rolldown 1 arm
  • Rolldown to Crescent reach
  • Cat Crunch
  • Rolling Cat reach
  • Classic Frog
  • Parallel Frog, using anatomical neutral!
  • Classic Leg Circles
  • Parallel Leg Circles, using anatomical neutral!
  • 100 using Leg Springs
  • Side Leg Springs: Straight Leg sweep, using anatomical neutral!
  • Legs Up ending (I love this ending!)

Class 1 10/1/20 Link: Speaker View

airplane board
Famous opera diva Roberta Peters using the Airplane Board. Can you see how her feet are NOT level? The board highlights this, so she can work on right/left symmetry.

joe camping

Joe, working with dancers who need excellent balance. They’re all using their SEAT! That piece of equipment is called a Pilates Headress!

in and up