Pre-recorded Spine Corrector Classes

My sleuth-friend, Elaine Ewing found more archival Pilates pics and articles! The focus of her posts today was using Pilates apparatus to increase vocal endurance and projection. While we were talking about it on Facebook, one of our Pilates teacher friends said, “oh yes, when I was 14 and singing in The Sound of Music, Roberta Peters taught me Mr Herman’s breathing techniques AND Mr Pilates’ breathing techniques.” (for the Opera fans in the house, this is SO cool — Roberta Peters is a legend!)

Click here for some fab articles about famous voice coach William Herman with pics of Pilates equipment

Click here for fab articles about actress Mary Martin with pics of Pilates equipment

My newly organized fridge! Game changer items: lazy susans and stackable glass containers from Rubbermaid that all use the same size lid.
elaine malbin reformer
Oh, cool — things we don’t often see in Pilates studios these days! See that fab hand-grab bar that Elaine is using while Joe gets her foot position just right? Who wants to make some of these for my studio???
elaine malbin backbend
Elaine Malbin working on Spread Eagle on the Cadillac. Where else do we see this position in Pilates?
elaine malbin side leg
Internationally acclaimed opera singer Elaine Malbec using leg springs at Joe Pilates’ studio in NYC.