Wednesday 9:15 Level 3 Mat class

This is the SECRET PAGE for Wednesday Level 3 students; please don’t share the page or the links with other people. I’ll update it each week, after class has occurred.

How to get to the Zoom class (same info for all classes for the entire semester!)

Fall Semester Details:

  • Fall 2020 Semester will be 100% Virtual
  • Live classes will run Sept 28 – Dec 11 (no classes Veterans Day 11/11. We also take the week of Thanksgiving off)
  • Recorded classes will post for 1 week after each class, so if you miss class or want to repeat it, you can always access the link on this page.

Week 4 of Fall 2020 Semester! We’re using a few props: foot domes (if you have em,) a book no more than 2” thick, a chair to help you balance, optional towel rolled into a donut for “kneeling archer position” (down on 1 knee.)

For most exercises: You do You when it comes to Neutral feet/legs or Pilates V feet/legs.  I’ll let you know when you MUST do neutral. This week, we’re doing 2×4 footwork on the book – waaaay harder than w/o the book! Also: standing side leg work, a special stretch for front thighs and LOTS of ‘booster’ options to make exercises a smidge harder.

For all of my students who walk for exercise: Use Your Seat on your next walk. Please report back. For me, I feel like I’m retaining my flexibility better!

Links for this week’s class:

Speaker View

Gallery View

airplane board
Famous opera diva Roberta Peters using the Airplane Board. Can you see how her feet are NOT level? The board highlights this, so she can work on right/left symmetry.

joe camping

Joe Using his SCOOP, pulling in and UP
Joe, working with dancers who need excellent balance. They’re all using their SEAT! That piece of equipment is called a Pilates Headress!