Level 1 Mat class

This is the SECRET PAGE for my Level 1 Mat students; please don’t share the page or the links with other people. I’ll update it each week, after class has occurred.

How to get to the Zoom class (same info for all classes for the entire semester!)


I’ve decided to keep 2 weeks of videos live for you this semester, so you’ll have some choices to work with when you’re on your own. I update this page on Thursdays.

Week 3

We’re clicking along, adding new exercises!

The Foot Release — using a book — will help turn on the proprioceptors in your feet as well as re-setting the plantar (bottom of the foot) muscles.

The Magic Squat is a neurological trick to re-set muscle tension around your 3-dimensional hip. Lazy muscles get the cue to wake up, while over-workers get the cue to turn down their volume. 

We also added two new positions this week:

Seated, with hips raised for Spine Stretch Forward and Saw. It’s a good idea to have a yoga brick or a throw pillow available for these moves.

Reclined Gas Pedal for Hug a Tree, Shaving, From the Chest and From the Hip. These four exercises are known as the Front Rowing Series.

Click Here for the Class 3 Video

Week 2

We repeated allll the moves from Week 1 and built on those concepts. The 100 got a smidge harder by lifting the legs. IF your low back complains, just keep the legs down.

NOTE on your Rolldown (Pilates sit up exercise.) The rules are: legs aren’t allowed to lift up AND it’s illegal to throw your your torso to get up off the mat. Both of those things will impede strength building. Work in the range that you can control. Do that, and I PROMISE you’ll get stronger, and your range of motion will improve over time.

NOTE: when using the ball/towel roll under your hips….your pelvis is supposed to stay still when you move your legs. TIP: your back waistband will be OFF the mat; don’t allow it to bounce. Aiming your legs HIGH is easier to manage, yet you’re still getting work done. Aiming your legs LOWER here is more challenging — you’re only allowed to do this IF you’re controlling your pelvis.

Click Here for Week 2 Video

romana side bend
Romana as a teen, working with Joe
romana bicycle
Romana Kryzanowska performing Bicycle. She’s in her mid-70’s here!
Joe chair
Joe invented LOTS of different pieces of exercise equipment. The Wunda chair is quite advanced, as it supplies zero support for your spine — the student must provide their own support via the powerhouse.
airplane board
Famous opera diva Roberta Peters using the Airplane Board. Can you see how her feet are NOT level? The board highlights this, so she can work on right/left symmetry.

joe camping

Joe, working with dancers who need excellent balance. They’re all using their SEAT! That piece of equipment is called a Pilates Headress!
Joe Using his SCOOP, pulling in and UP