Fall 2022 In-Studio Pilates

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Fall Pilates Semester runs Oct 3 – Dec 17, 2022

No classes: Friday 11/11 (Veterans Day;) AND 11/21-11/25 the entire week of Thanksgiving

  • In-Studio equipment classes happen Monday thru Friday. Masks are optional unless the Governor enacts another mask mandate. I’m running a HEPA air purifier in the studio that clears 99.9% of germs and particles. Class size maximum is 10. Make-ups are on a space available basis. Registration opens on Wed August 17th at 5am PST via http://www.pcc.edu

  • Planning to travel this semester? YES, you can sign up for class and use your registration as a “10 pack” of classes to attend as often as possible while you’re in town.

  • Pre-taped Class Videos Great for the semester break and during the semester when your schedule is crazy – you can use them 24/7! These will live on the Vimeo platform and you’ll stream them on your computer, tablet or phone. This option is available NOW — you’ll have access to the videos for 3 months. Click on the links below to register. Each package of pre-tape videos is $250. Email me if you need to use a senior benefit. Here’s what you can choose from — MORE options coming soon!

Fall 2022 Pilates Schedule 

Day PDX Time Class CRN
Mon 9:15 Level 3 EQUIPMENT 44884
Mon 10:30 Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44877
Mon 4:30 PM Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44007
Mon 5:30 PM Level 3 EQUIPMENT 44012
Tue 9:15 Level 4 EQUIPMENT 44890
Tue 10:30 Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44009
Tue 11:45 Level 1 EQUIPMENT 44005
Wed 9:15 Level 3 EQUIPMENT 44885
Wed 10:30 Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44010
Wed 4:30 PM Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44880
Wed 5:30 PM Level 3 EQUIPMENT 44886
Thur 9:15 Level 4 EQUIPMENT 44891
Thur 10:30 Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44882
Thur 11:45 Level 1 EQUIPMENT 44875
Fri 9:15 Level 3 EQUIPMENT 44019
Fri 10:30 Level 2 EQUIPMENT 44006
  • Friday classes in Fall semester end up with 9 meetings; all other days end up with 10 meetings. Friday classes are charged less to reflect this.
  • What’s the difference between Levels 2 and 3? More weight bearing on hands/wrists in Level 3, which also means more advanced exercises. 
  • Level 4 is NEW! This class will include more “up and over” exercises, and advanced barrel work. No injuries, please.