Equipment for Home

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Options for my Pilates Tribe who are working out at home during the Pandemic!

NONE of these items are a must, but if you’d like to have more tools to work with, I’d like to help you get them. (I just got off the phone with Balanced Body, of one the large Pilates equipment manufacturers. They’re swamped and it’s taking awhile for them to ship things out right now)

All items will need to be picked up at the Effortless Movement Studio. I’ll wipe everything down with sanitizing wipes and you’ll have paid me online, so we won’t need to touch. I’ll also give you a sanitizing wipe to use on the doors and your hands when you return to your car.

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Item  Price 
2lb Weighted Pole  $    15.00
Pair of 2lb hand weights  $    15.00
Yellow Squishy Ball  $    15.00
Stretch strap  $    15.00
Purple magic circle 13″, light resistance  $    20.00
Black Magic Circle 15″, heavy resistance  $    20.00
Blue Exercise mat 70″ x 23″ x 1/2″  $    45.00
Foot Domes  $    15.00
2 Orange balls for muscle release  $    25.00
18″ Soft Foam Roller  $    30.00