Wildtree Primal Plates Review – Part 1

My students get to hear me blather on about food quite often. Last week, I was on a jag talking about Thanksgiving desserts. (I'm looking forward to Apple crisp + vanilla ice cream. AND I'm planning on making my famous Trixie's Kickass Rum Cake over the Thanksgiving break.) Treats aside, we generally eat pretty healthy… Continue reading Wildtree Primal Plates Review – Part 1

The 100

We've got several breaks coming up, so some notes for my ongoing students who are doing homework! Romana Kryzanowska said: do the 100 every day. If you're a procrastinator, do it before you get out of bed. Boom, DONE and DONE! The Basics: Assume the position. For newbies, the legs might be higher than mine.… Continue reading The 100

The 100: The Longer Answer

I love it when Pilates students ask great questions! This week, a Level 3 student asked in class: which is more advanced, the 100 on the mat or 100 on the Reformer? I think this student was wanting to do whatever version is “more advanced.” At the same time, I was thinking hmmmm, “I bet what you really want is the version where you feel the most work.”