Trixie’s Kick-Ass Rum Cake

Let me just lead with...this is not a "healthy dessert." In a former lifetime, I had an alter ego known as Trixie, who baked A LOT. She once made 30 of these at one time as Christmas presents for a team at a workplace that shall not be named. Everyone got drunk at work on these cakes and madness ensued. It was quite fun. I still enjoy a slice of this with coffee on a holiday and have talked about it so much at the studio that....there are demands for the recipe. It's easier than you'd think....

Wildtree Primal Plates Review – part 2

Did you miss Part 1 of the Primal Plates freezer meals kit review? This is part 2, meals 6-10 of Wildtree's Primal Plate meal kit. I started on this journey because life got cray-cray, and organizing dinner was stressing me out. Maybe you're on decision overload right now too, and could use a system to help keep your healthy eating on track. Using quick-to-assemble -- and yes, I mean every step of the way quick -- freezer meals, I've reduced my stress level AND we're saving by not eating out so much and not wasting so many dead items in the fridge. 

Wildtree Primal Plates Review – Part 1

My students get to hear me blather on about food quite often. Last week, I was on a jag talking about Thanksgiving desserts. (I'm looking forward to Apple crisp + vanilla ice cream. AND I'm planning on making my famous Trixie's Kickass Rum Cake over the Thanksgiving break.) Treats aside, we generally eat pretty healthy… Continue reading Wildtree Primal Plates Review – Part 1

The 100

We've got several breaks coming up, so some notes for my ongoing students who are doing homework! Romana Kryzanowska said: do the 100 every day. If you're a procrastinator, do it before you get out of bed. Boom, DONE and DONE! The Basics: Assume the position. For newbies, the legs might be higher than mine.… Continue reading The 100