Autumn 2020 Barrels + Weights classes

This is the SECRET PAGE for the Autumn 2020 Barrels + Weights students; please don’t share the page or the links with other people. I’ll update it each week, after class has occurred. You won’t have to search in your emails for links — they’ll all live here!

How to get to the Zoom class (same info for all classes for the entire semester!)

Fall Semester Details:

  • Fall 2020 Semester will be 100% Virtual
  • Live classes will run Sept 28 – Dec 11 (no classes Veterans Day 11/11. We also take the week of Thanksgiving off)
  • Recorded classes will post for 1 week after each class, so if you miss class or want to repeat it, you can always access the link on this page.

Class 4 Tue 10/20/20 notes: keep working on fine-tuning your position to make the Spine Corrector work for you.

Exercises for this week:

  • Roll down from off the barrel
  • Roll down from in the notch
  • Side Reach + Twist
  • Beginning Teaser Progressions!
  • Short Box series
    • Round Back + Arm Booster
    • Flat Back + Arm Booster
    • Forward Twist
    • Stab a Viking
    • Rotor
    • Tree Stretches
  • Prone Triceps Kickback
  • Prone Letter T
  • Seated Arm Reaches with Back Extension (options for head positions)

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Class 3 Tue 10/13/20 notes: working on the complete front rowing and back rowing series!

Exercises for this week:

  • Roll down “in the notch” position – try it in slow-motion!
  • 100 “in the notch” position
  • Single Leg Stretch and Double Leg Stretch in the notch
  • Front Rowing 1-4, leaning against the hump “decline postion” Hug a tree & Shaving, we tried slo-mo, then added From the Chest and From the Hip
  • Backward rowing In the Notch – round back & flat back versions
  • Hips up: Single Straight Leg, Double Straight Leg, Bicycle, leg drape

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Class 2 Tue 10/6/20 notes: this class starts in the advanced position “in the notch,” then moves to prone position, semi-reclined and hips up.

Exercises for this week:

  • Roll down “in the notch” position
  • 100 “in the notch” position
  • Side Leg Series
  • Clara Reaches
  • Prone Spine extension (mini-push up)
  • Legs Swimming
  • Prone Leg Beats
  • Semi-Reclined arm series: hug, shave, biceps curls
  • Hips Up: bicycle, helicopter, leg drape

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Class 1 Tue 9/29 notes: how to use props to make the spine corrector better fit your body using a riser or pillow, foam roller, squishy ball. How to shift your body on the spine corrector to get various postions to work best for you. Cautions about the inversion position.

Exercises for this week:

  • Rolldown from off the barrel
  • 100 from off the barrel – 2 options
  • Mermaid: side reach + twisting
  • Side Leg series from “in the notch”: lift/lower; circles, front/back
  • Hips on the Barrel: position options. Frog + Bicycle
  • Legs Over Barrel to re-set

Speaker View

airplane board
Famous opera diva Roberta Peters using the Airplane Board. Can you see how her feet are NOT level? The board highlights this, so she can work on right/left symmetry.

joe camping

Joe, working with dancers who need excellent balance. They’re all using their SEAT! That piece of equipment is called a Pilates Headress!