Autumn 2019 Schedule

Pilates Autumn 2019 Semester runsĀ Sept 30 – Dec 13, 2019

  • Online Registration for Pilates Summer Semester opens 7am Wed Aug 14 at
  • There is a 4-week break between Summer and Autumn terms Sept 1 – Sept 29.

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Day Time Level CRN
Monday 9:15am 3 46064
Monday 10:30am 1 44961
Monday 11:30am 2 44965
Monday 4:30pm 3 44973
Monday 5:30pm 3 44974
Tuesday 9:15am 2 44967
Tuesday 10:30am 3 44971
Tuesday 11:30am 1.5 46067
Tuesday 4:30pm 2 44969
Tuesday 5:30pm 3 44972
Wednesday 9:15am 3 46071
Wednesday 10:30am 1 44962
Wednesday 11:30am 2 44968
Wednesday 4:30pm 3 44970
Wednesday 5:30pm 3 44977
Thursday 9:15am 2 45154
Thursday 10:30am 3 44975
Thursday 11:30am 2 44966
Thursday 4:30pm 2 46066
Thursday 5:30pm 1 46065
Friday 9:15am 3 44976
Friday 10:30am 2 46061
Friday 11:30am 1 44963

The Studio is closed for Veteran’s Day: Monday, Nov 11

The Studio is closed the week of Thanksgiving: Nov 25-29


Step 1: Choose the Small Group Level that’s appropriate for you:

  1. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 1
  2. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 2
  3. Small Group Reformer + Tower Level 3

Step 2: Create a Portland Community College Account here

Step 3: Register atĀ for classes using the “CRN” (aka: course registration number) above. Each 10-class series is $279; Monday series misses 1 class and is priced at $255.


Autumn Term 2019 does not have an automated waitlist. Your best bet is to try registering online again as we get closer to the start of the term — people DO often drop/add as we get close to the start date. You can also peek at the PCC course listings — you can see there how many spots are currently open.


  • Class descriptions can be found here.
  • Level 1, 2, 3 Reformer/Tower Classes are capped at 8 people maximum. You won’t get lost in a crowd; I’m keeping an eye on the progress of each student in class. Since you’re coming at the same time each week, we’ll all get to know each other! Everyone has their own set of equipment: reformer, tower & table, jump board, long box, magic circle, squishy ball and more.
  • Who are my students? Professors, architects, engineers, librarians, other Pilates teachers, retired people, professional athletes, actors, chiropractors, osteopaths, singers, artists, moms, dads, grandparents, yoga teachers, runners, skiers…’ll run into all kinds of people at the studio. The common thread among them: everyone wants to feel good while living their life and doing what they love to do. Joe’s intention all along was simply to make your life better.
  • Students can make-up missed classes within the same semester on a space-available basis. Please use the swap-out book at the studio to reserve your make-up class or to cross yourself off for a day that you know you’ll miss.
  • Extra drop-in classes are $30 each. *Must be an existing student of the studio.
  • If you’d like to join a standing class beyond the start-date of the semester, I can pro-rate a series for you, so that you’re not paying for classes that have already occurred. *This option is only available to students who have previously taken Pilates at this studio. The lingo and equipment set-up here is specific — please feel free to email me with questions.