5 Minutes: Spine Rotation Magic Tricks

Today’s 5 minutes incorporates two Magic Tricks to improve your Spine Rotation in both the lower spine and the thoracic spine. This series includes:

  • Knee Flops
  • Upper Body Clam Shell

Click here for the Spine Rotation Magic Tricks video

When should you do this tricks? anytime you’re feeling “bound up” and you notice you’re losing the ability to easily turn.

Could this help me in my sport games? If you’re swinging a stick or rotating your torso as part of your sport, YES! Doing these before you leave for your match will give you more movement and more power.

What I found in my own body during this sequence: I’ve mentioned before that my torso turn to the right is not as easy as my turn to the left. I’ve theorized that 25 years of swinging a baseball bat might have caused that. Hmmmmm, ya think?! The epiphany that I had this week is that it’s NOT just the swing, it’s the breath. When I hit a ball, I inhale as wind up to the right and exhale as I swing to the left. Adding this week’s series with breathwork when I rotate right is making a huge difference in freeing up my bound up ribcage.

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