5 Minutes: Spine Extension Upgrade

Camel Pose
Subtle differences on the right after the Upgrade: 1) see how much longer my neck appears; 2) my chin is more lifted; 3) my rib cage is farther back; 4) my arms are closer to verticle; 5) more of my fingers meet my heels.

Today’s 5 minutes incorporates several Magic Tricks to improve your Spine Extension — the ability to stand tall and eventually…..backbend! This series includes:

  • Camel Pose Assessment
  • Magic Squat
  • Front thigh rollout (you need a foam roller)
  • Single Leg Kick
  • Collar Bone Zone heater
  • Rib Rub heater
  • Head Turns
  • Camel Pose Re-Assessment

Click here for the Spine Extension Magic Trick video

What to look for after the Magic Tricks: does your Camel FEEL better? Does it visually look different? Both categories of change mean that: something happened and you’re getting more length in your spine. More length = less disc compression.

What if you hate camel? Skip it! Try Sphinx Pose instead. Your legs are extended in that pose, which means less pull on your spine from the get-go, which can make it more palatable.

The final Q/A, because I know someone is wondering…..Did JP do these moves in his studio? Backbending: yes. The Magic Tricks: no. I’m OK with that for 3 reasons:

  • They help you get into position for Joe’s Classical exercises. Try this series before Prone Pulling Straps on the Reformer or Swan on the Mat. Boom! Instant Upgrade.
  • They help you stand taller
  • They help you feel better in your day to day life

Note: I used a soft foam roller for this technique. Hard rollers are ok, as long as you don’t feel pain when using them. Click here to find it on Amazon Prime.

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