Daily 5 Minutes of Pilates #1

classical Pilates portland

Everybody needs a Daily 5-minute Pilates session! Yes, on top of coming to class!

Here’s what I’d love for you to work on this week:

  • The 100 — we’re not doing this in the studio while the mask mandate is active, so PLEASE do it at home. I can tell if skip it…..
  • Pregnant Cat — this is “how to scoop” or “how to scoop without involving your low back muscles” The more you practice this one, the deeper your scoop will become *without* involving inappropriate muscles. This video also shows you how to CHECK YOUR WORK.
  • Hip Flexor Release #1 — the off the table version. Feel free to sub in your bed, an ottoman or a sturdy coffee table. Most adult experience hip flexor tension — when you plan on doing some version of hip flexor release every day, magic things happen. Please do report back when I see you in class.

Click here for the Daily 5 minute video #1

classical Pilates scoop

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