Free Pilates Intro Class

free class

  • Are you looking for a fun, new workout?
  • Do you need a stress-relieving workout?
  • Would you enjoy a friendly community with camaraderie and down-to-earth values?
  • Do you need to cross-train to avoid injuries in your sport?
  • Would you like to work with someone with 20+ years of experience in building better bodies?

Pilates could be just what you’re looking for!

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Come see what all the buzz is about at one of my Free Intro classes

  • Learn the lingo of Classical Pilates: “Scoop,” “2-way Reach” and “Level & Square” will upgrade your body mechanics forever.
  • Give the Tower, Table, Reformer and Squishy ball a try — they’re fun and effective!
  • Come experience the beauty of small group training. A class of 8 or fewer people is small enough that I can help you fine-tune your movements, yet big enough that it’s fun having friends with you who are working toward building a stronger, leaner, more flexible body.
  • No worries – everyone at these classes will be new to the studio. You don’t need to “be in shape” or have any Pilates experience. If you end up wanting to join the ongoing group classes, there classes that are appropriate for newbies, everyday folks and experienced students.

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Register via email or leave me a message with your date at 503-898-0874.

intro classesJUNE (2)

banner - level 1Each class is limited to 8 participants. Everyone has a complete set of their own equipment and this size group small enough that I can really keep an eye on you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workout.¬†One class per person, please.banner 4

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