Wildtree Primal Plates Review – part 2

primal plates2Did you miss Part 1 of the Primal Plates freezer meals kit review? This is part 2, meals 6-10 of Wildtree’s Primal Plate meal kit.

I started on this journey because life got cray-cray, and organizing dinner was stressing me out. Maybe you’re on decision overload right now too, and could use a system to help keep your healthy eating on track. Using quick-to-assemble — and yes, I mean every step of the way quick — freezer meals, I’ve reduced my stress level AND we’re saving by not eating out so much and not wasting so many dead items in the fridge.

For the month of October, my husband and I used the Wildtree Primal Plates kit, which gave us 10 recipes that we split in half to create 20 freezer meals — enough to cover us for a month of weeknights. (Regular Wildtree recipes make 4-6 portions – we were shooting for “almost no leftovers.”) Each night’s dinner took about 20 minutes to cook.  Each meal was supposed to be enough for 2-3 servings. I found that accurate — 2-3 generous servings!

Spoiler alert: I’m giving this meal prep system: FIVE STARS. It’s perfect for anyone wanting less stress about dinner prep. This specific kit is also perfect for: gluten free, grain free, paleo, primal and Whole30 diners.  

Each Wildtree Freezer Meal kit comes with:

  • 10 main dish recipes with suggestions on simple side dishes. Each recipe makes 4-6 servings. If you’re a household of 2, you can split these so that you have 20 dinners covered by one Kit.
  • All of the Seasonings for all 10 recipes. I love this part. Many of the recipes have a bunch of seasonings, which imparts a ton of flavor. Wildtree creates seasoning mixes, so you end up getting about 6-7 jars in your kit. You’ll use all of the seasonings in your 10 recipes, so no endless jars hanging around your house. If you love a specific seasoning, of course you can buy more outside of the kit.
  • A grocery list for all 10 recipes. You won’t need to make the list or combine how many onions or carrots or pounds of meat to buy. The list is GOLD!
  • Freezer bag instructions. Listen UP: assembling all of the freezer bags takes 60 minutes. For my house, with just me and Frank, I created 20 freezer meals in ONE HOUR. Holy smokes! Total. Game. Changer.
  • Cooking Instructions. Sunday night, I grab a couple bags out of the freezer and pop em in the fridge. Monday night, I grab a bag out of the fridge and dinner is ready in 20 minutes. Repeat on Tuesday and grab a couple more bags to pop in the fridge for the next couple days. Most meals are either sautee for about 20 mine, or pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes. A few are slow cooker recipes.

For more on the Wildtree method for freezer meals, read this.  I’ll give you the short version: this is so organized, that you can pack up a month’s worth of meals in one hour. Although this makes me feel like a genius, I’m really not a genius. You can do this too.

A Heads up: some, but not all, recipes require a couple extra items at cook time. Those aren’t listed on the grocery list, so it’s a good idea to do a weekly scan of what you might need for the week.

Here is the second set of 5 meals that we ate in October, each one got eaten again 2 weeks later:

Skillet Tuscan Chicken


See, now I wouldn’t have made this if it wasn’t part of the 10-pack kit. The mix of artichokes, olives, tomatoes and the Wildtree Tuscany seasoning really worked!

Cooking method: sautee for about 20 minutes.

Tip: we had this on cauliflower rice. I could see sauteing up some spinach or steaming up some broccoli for a side dish.

Portion size: perfect for 2 hearty-eating adults.

Verdict: 2 thumbs up, we’d eat this again!

Chorizo Chili


I had no idea I could buy chorizo in a regular grocery store. Really, the butcher walked me over to it a Fred Meyer. It was one of the items I didn’t know where to find, and yet…I still made it out of the store in just under an hour with all the groceries for all of the Primal Plates meals. Cuz Wildtree gave me a grocery list that combined all the ingredients into one seamless list.

Verdict: thumbs UP on this chili! It’s a combo of beef and chorizo. And it has sweet potatoes and other yummy stuff in there.

Cooking method: stovetop. You just brown up the already seasoned meat, then toss the ingredients from the second freezer bag in there with some chicken stock and cook until the sweet potatoes are done. The entire meal took 25 minutes to cook. While it was simmering, I threw together a salad and by the time we ate that, the chili was done.

Tip: the recipe calls for diced onion and red bell pepper. I bought frozen onion and frozen sliced peppers for my freezer bags — momma ain’t got time for too much dicing. I think in a recipe like this, the little bit of extra moisture from using frozen veggies is just absorbed into the recipe. Came out great. Props to Frank, who efficiently handled the dicing of the sweet potatoes.

Portion size: We had about 1 portion leftover, so that was a nice lunch surprise later in the week.

Adobo Lettuce Cups


Who knew you can buy lettuce wraps in the grocery?! Like, there’s a package that says “perfect for lettuce wraps.” So, that’s what I bought! These wraps are made with ground turkey, but you could easily sub in whatever ground meat suited your fancy. We didn’t use super-lean turkey — having some dark meat in there gives you good fat and adds flavor.

Verdict: Yum, would make again!

Cooking method: this is a quick-quick sautee, like 10 minutes and you’re eating! Tell your significant other to get on slicing the avocados and tomatoes when you walk in the door. A margarita wouldn’t be bad either…

Add-ons: you’ll need a few items at cook time that aren’t on the freezer grocery list: avocados, roma fresh tomatoes, lime, scallions.

Tip: I could totally see making this recipe with any ground meat you had on hand — chicken, beef, pork….  Maybe even ground game, like venison.

Portion Size: we scarfed all of this down. It was enough for 2 adults, but no extras.

Mushroom Burgers


Cooking method: Skillet. You’ll need to cook up some bacon, and the mushroom caps and then the burgers for the complete assembly, but this goes quickly.

Add-ons: you’ll need a few items at cook time that aren’t on the freezer grocery list: bacon, portobellos, lettuce leaves, fresh tomatoes.

Tip: the recipe says to simply cook the portobellos in the supplied organic olive oil. Mmmmmm, kinda weird bland. I recommend marinating the portos for 30 minutes in  Italian dressing. That imparts a LOT more flavor.

Portion size: perfect; no leftovers!  We had 2 good sized burgers, plus bacon, plus hearty mushrooms. Portobellos are a stick to your ribs kind of mushroom

Verdict: totally worked, we’d eat this again!

Pork Carnitas Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


Verdict: This was the bomb-diggity! We could have made double batches and happily eaten leftovers for a day or two.

Cooking method: crock pot. I’m fortunate that I get a break in my afternoons, so I came home, tossed the contents of the freezer bag in the crock and then came home hours later to deliciousness. (See how I put that positive spin on working split shifts? It’s all in the attitude, people.) LOVED the ease of having everything in the bag on a weekday. I want: minimal food decisions and this was way-easy.

Add-ons: you’ll need a few items at cook time that aren’t on the freezer grocery list: sweet potatoes, baby spinach (ok, we skipped the spinach — it seemed odd for this recipe)

Tip: For roasted sweet potatoes, I generally toss 2-4 in the oven when I’m cooking on the weekend and re-heat during the week. Sooooo, we didn’t need to roast these on a weeknight.

Portion size: we gobbled this down in it’s entirety. Not that it was skimpy, it was just so good we had to eat it all!

So, out of the 10 recipes, the only one we didn’t like at my house was the Pistachio Salmon. The second round of that meal easily morphed into Dill Chicken, which was a winner.  I’ll likely buy this same kit again in a few months, after we’ve eaten our way through some of the other kits.

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